Content Marketing Packages

Are you a startup, tech company, PR or advertising agency with technology clients? MadeVivid has a content marketing package for you. We work with you for several months to create and implement a couture content strategy. 

Packages start from 5000 EUR/$5500 a month. 

If you need specific content items like a series of articles, a research report or an podcast see other content services.

FoR Startups 

The CMO-as-a-Service Package 

Deep tech startups naturally focus on engineering, but to attract customers, investment and talent, you must explain who you are and what you do. Our CMO-as-a-service package is for startups which lack marketing and content resources and covers messaging, branding, sales, marketing and PR content as well as advice on positioning and product management. 

For TECH ComPanies

The Journalist-in-Residence Package

Tech and science companies need sophisticated, editorial-quality content which showcases their expertise and inspires prospects, partners and employees. The journalist-in-residence package uncovers compelling stories relevant to your business, creates in-depth content like ebooks and white papers and provides a journalist to host podcasts, video interviews and events.  

FOR Agencies

The Tech Support Package 

Complex technical products are a challenge for PR and advertising professionals. To grab the attention of journalists or customers you must combine exciting storytelling with a deep understanding of the technical details. MadeVivid can translate technical specifications into compelling storylines and original marketing concepts without dumbing down.