MadeVivid is a content agency for tech and science companies 

Make complex technology compelling with intelligent, engrossing, editorial-quality content which serves your business goals. We specialise in deep technology like machine learning, data science, software development tools, robotics and life sciences.  

We get technology. We know how to tell a story.



We specialise in technology and science companies and the agencies who work with them. Our clients often make products for developers, engineers or scientists. Previous clients include GitHub, Pivotal Software, LostMyName, O' Reilly Media, Edelman, Brisk, Datahug and more.


Get your very own journalist-in-residence to uncover compelling stories related to your business and tell them in the most vivid format. If you are a startup which needs help with positioning, go-to-market strategy, messaging, or product management, in addition to content, try our CMO-as-a-service. 

Data Science Report for GitHub



GitHub asked O' Reilly Media to create a report on software development workflows for data scientists. This report is the result of a dozen interviews with O' Reilly authors, data science consultancies and data science teams at companies like AirBnB, GitHub and Scotiabank. 


Journalist-in-Residence For Pivotal Software


Pivotal Software works with many of the world's leading automakers and is helping to transform those companies into digital businesses. Pivotal wanted to find fascinating feature stories about automotive clients from Ford to Volkswagen. We dug up stories about improving safety with data science and car labs which don't make cars.

Also conducted on-stage interviews with Pivotal clients and CEO Rob Mee.    



CMO-as-a-service at Brisk 


Brisk was a startup making productivity tools for salespeople and did not yet have a CMO. We worked with Brisk for nine months creating messaging, website copy and writing blog posts based on interviews with sales leaders, as well as generating feature stories and guest posts which appeared in Time, Entrepreneur and The Next Web. 



A marketing campaign that was out of this world


LostMyName makes personalised books for kids. The company was launching its second title The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home, the story of a child lost in space. Having read an article about NASA's storytime from space program where astronauts read children's books with science themes, I suggested that LostMyName send their new book into space. The company launched a competition where one lucky child had his personalised book sent to the International Space station where it was read by astronaut Tim Peake. The competition was covered in publications from the Guardian to 



My Technology Journalism


My work has appeared in Fast Company, Forbes, MIT Technology Review, VentureBeat and many more. Several of my articles hit the top spot on Hacker News.

A more complete portfolio of my journalism is available here.