Content Services

Some clients need specific content items rather than a full content package. Whether you need inspiring, editorial content, an in-depth technical ebook or simply an experienced interviewer for an event, we can help.  



Inspiring content related to your business helps attract new clients, partners and employees. Whether you need the kind of feature story that might appear in Fast Company, a ghost-written opinion piece for the Atlantic, a branded podcast or video series or even a theme tune, we can help. 

Pricing depends on the exact requirements but a series of five content items starts at 12,000 EUR/$15,000. 



In-depth technical content bolsters your brand and brings in new leads by showcasing your unique expertise. The best in-depth content provides original guidance on a cutting edge topic. 

Pricing varies according to length and complexity, as well as your requirements for graphic design and interactive visualisation. An ebook like GitHub's Development Workflows for Data Scientists starts at 10,000 EUR/$12,500. 



MadeVivid founder Ciara Byrne has extensive experience as an on-stage interviewer and MC. She has interviewed top-tier speakers at Web SummitThe Next WebPioneers festival and O' Reilly Strata, hosted Futureland 2018 and two stages at The Next Web 2016. Ciara can also help you to write original speaker proposals and shape presentations for conferences. 

Pricing for company events is 1200 EUR/$1500 per day.